Home or Business Space Cleansing

Home or Business Space Cleansing

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Also known as "Smudging", this ancient ritual practice involves using herbs (mainly different strains of sage) for clearing away negative or "stuck" energy from the home or business that accumulates over time. (Ever notice how some spaces feel warm, cheerful, and inviting, while other spaces may feel dark, depressing, or heavy?)

Smudging your spaces can be crucial when moving in or out of a new place, after arguments, sickness, traumatic events or deaths, or to create change in unhealthy patterns. Once the space is cleansed of negativity, it is common practice to close the ceremony by burning Palo Santo ("Holy Wood") which attracts positive energy back into the space and a new tone of loving thoughts, loving words, and loving actions can be created.

Purchase this service for a future date or as a gift for someone else that needs a shift in the environment. 

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