5 ways Reiki helps with Anxiety and depression.

Did you know that your thoughts and perceptions can directly impact your health and immune system? Imagine what we are doing to ourselves when we "feel lonely", or "not good enough", or "hopeless" as opposed to "fulfilled", "grateful and appreciative", or content to "just be". On an energetic level these perceptions and thought patterns have the power to harm or heal us as well as having a significant impact for forming foundations of well being. Generally speaking (and definitely an over-simplification) anxiety captures our awareness toward focusing on future events while depression captures our awareness toward past events. In either case these ways of thinking or projecting our awareness through time can have tremendous value as survival and learning mechanisms but ultimately when not kept "in check", these patterns of thinking can become strong pathways for clouding our perceptions and taking us away from the present moment which impacts our mental, physical and emotional health.

Listed below are 5 ways that a Reiki session can help keep those projections in check as well as positively impact our physical health and even strengthen our immune system/response.

1. Reiki is relaxing:

During a Reiki session, clients lay down on a comfortable massage table (ours has a 4" thick gel/memory foam pad!) in a room with soft lighting, soft music/nature sounds, and the sounds of gently cascading water from a fountain in the room. Most clients will be guided through a short breathing exercise to trigger the parasympathetic response of the autonomic nervous system which lowers blood pressure, heart rate, cortisol production, and quiets the mind. Just being and breathing.....

2. Restore balance:

Anxiety and depression knock us off balance and distort our perception of reality.

Reiki energy helps clear any blockages or dis-ease and reconnect mind and body when out of balance. By restoring balance, a person can see the distortions of their mindset which makes it easier to let go of negative thoughts and overcome feelings of guilt or sadness which leads to improved mood and feeling better. When we feel better, we become better. This is the power of the mind to create anything and overcome anything.

3. Reduce stress:

Our lives are filled with stressful situations, demands, and expectations throughout the course of a day and it's how we meet these demands that determine our stress levels. 2 different people can experience the same stressful situation but have vastly different responses. When we are depressed or experiencing anxiety, it creates negative perceptions about reality that can greatly impact our ability to deal with stress. Conversely when we are relaxed and our mind is peaceful, our ability to deal with stress is greatly enhanced and we can stay centered through any external situation. Reiki healing sessions allow for our stress hormone "cortisol" to be reduced and allow a person to practice stillness of body and mind which strengthen the connection to our center of being and breath to teach us how to harness this superpower called "calm".

4. Client is an active participant in their healing:

Depression can make a person feel that their life is out of control or that they don't have the power to make positive changes and ultimately lead to feelings of hopelessness. Participating in a Reiki session allows for the person to take an active role in being proactive toward their own health and wellness which empowers and strengthens the neural pathways to continue practicing healing, which makes a person feel better and creates a "snowball effect" of wanting to repeat the act of taking care of oneself to then feel better each time.

5. Reiki sessions allow a person to connect with another being:

Thanks to technology, we are more connected to each other than we have ever been, but why then is anxiety and depression on the rise? While it's nice to have access to such connections instantaneously via smart devices, there is no replacement for meeting someone in person and connecting through "being" together. One of the most common symptoms of depression is a withdrawal from social circles, friends, and family which carry the potential for feelings of complete isolation. Reiki allows for someone to connect with a caring and compassionate individual that carries genuine concern for their well-being and restoring that sense of lost connection. We all want to feel included and valued.

Please remember you are valued and you are loved.

If you, or someone you know is going through some heavy stuff right now and could use a little help with depression or anxiety symptoms, have them schedule a Reiki session and be reminded of how great it feels to relax and heal.

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